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Just Zoot (Limited Edition Baby Pink LP)


Limited Edition Baby Pink 180gm Vinyl!

 In keeping with the 50th Anniversary of the formation of Zoot – we’re proud to present this very special pressing of their 1970 album JUST ZOOT on luscious 180 gram baby PINK vinyl!


 Featuring the tracks ‘1 Times, 2 Times Three Times Four’, ‘Monty & Me’ and ‘About Time’ – this pressing of the now legendary album is mastered for vinyl by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering and pressed on baby PINK vinyl - in keeping with Zoot’s ‘think pink – think Zoot’ marketing campaign around the time of the release of the album.

 This vinyl pressing is sure to become a collectors item from the band that proved to be hugely influential to many artists in their wake - and would go on to become the ultimate ‘reverse supergroup’; having boasted members Beeb Birtles, Rick Springfield, Darryl Cotton and Rick Brewer.

1. One Times, Two Times, Three Times, Four
2. Mr Songwriter
3. Flying
4. Yes I’m Glad
5. Little Roland Lost
6. About Time
7. Monty & Me
8. Sailing
9. Feelings
10. Sha La La
11. She’s Alright
12. Shake Your Feathers