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Navarasa: Nine Emotions (2LP)

This bricolage of diverse cross-cultural elements is apparent across Navarasa: Nine Emotions and all of what YTK create. James Yorkston weaves in Scottish folk, sangster and literary strands. Jon Thorne is grounded in jazz and groove. What the New Delhi-based, eighth-generation hereditary musician Suhail Yusuf Khan brings to this feast of pulses and cycles is northern Indian classical, light classical (thumri, for example) and Sufi devotional musical and literary forms. What binds these diverse musical strands together is, in James' phrase, "a dark happiness".

1. Sukhe Phool
2. The Shearings Not For You
3. Thumri Bhairavi
4. Westlin Winds
5. Song for Oddur
6. The North Carr
7. Twa Brothers
8. Waliyan Da Raja
9. Darbari