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Way Dynamic

So Familiar (LP)

Way Dynamic

Melbourne-based band Way Dynamic are releasing the new album So Familiar.

Their debut release, an EP entitled What's It All For Now was released by Melbourne label, Our Golden Friend, in 2018, featuring five tracks written and recorded by then-22 year old multi-instrumentalist Dylan Young over the space of just a few days in his home in Carlton, Victoria.

Influenced by the classic and offbeat songwriting of yesteryear (Carol King, Brian Wilson), and yet with a sound that is strangely refreshing and modern, Young's songwriting and composition combine oddball arrangements with lyricism that is both introspective and engaging.


1. Not A Fan
2. So Familiar
3. Food
4. Just Begun
5. Feather
6. The Goose Is Loose
7. Farther Than Before
8. Marlon
9. Our Love Is All I'll Ever Need
10. Much Too Much
11. You've Got Every Part Of Me
12. Sorry
13. Screw Off