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Violent Femmes

Why Do Birds Sing? (30th Anniversary Reissue LP)

Violent Femmes

30th Anniversary reissue of the bestselling album from the folk-punk pioneers. The vinyl reissue of the original 13-track album, features freshly remastered favourites like “American Music” and the band’s inspired cover of Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”.

Released in the spring of 1991, Why Do Birds Sing? pushed the Violent Femmes into their highest level of mainstream success—nearly a decade into their career. Over the next few years, the band became a must-see act at festivals like Lollapalooza and Woodstock ’94, while their videos could be seen regularly on MTV. As the group was embraced by a new generation of fans, Violent Femmes entered the Billboard 200 for the first time since its release and was certified platinum by the RIAA.

1. American Music
2. Out the Window
3. Look Like That
4. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
5. Hey Nonny Nonny
6. Used to Be
7. Girl Trouble
8. He Likes Me
9. Life is a Scream
10. Flamingo Baby
11. Lack of Knowledge
12. More Money Tonight
13. I'm Free