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Various Artists

Music from Sleeping Beauty (White & Peach LP)

Various Artists

Get swept off your feet with the music of the Classic Disney animated film Sleeping Beauty on special coloured vinyl. Releasing to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary, this vinyl features songs from the film including the beloved favorite “Once Upon a Dream” and score from the film.

1. "Main Title (Once Upon a Dream)"
2. "Hail To the Princess Aurora"
3. "The Gifts of Beauty and Song / Maleficent Appears / True Love Conquers All"
4. "Blue Bird / I Wonder"
5. "Woodland Symphony / Once Upon a Dream"
6. "The Three Good Fairies (Sing a Smiling Song)"

1. "Skumps"
2. "Maleficent's Evil Spell"
3. "Sleeping Beauty"
4. "Fairies To the Rescue / Bacchanal"
5. "The Prince Dreams of Sleeping Beauty - Love Theme"
6. "Battle with the Forces of Evil / Awakening / Finale"