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Various Artists

Moana: The Songs (Blue LP)

Various Artists

To commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary, Songs from Moana will be releasing on special coloured vinyl. Experience the songs from the ocean from Disney’s animated blockbuster film Moana, including “How Far I’ll Go,” “You’re Welcome” and more!

1. "Tulou Tagaloa" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version
2. "An Innocent Warrior" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version
3. "Where You Are" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version
4. "How Far I'll Go" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version
5. "We Know The Way" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version
6. "How Far I'll Go" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Reprise
7. "You're Welcome" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version

1. "Shiny" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version
2. "I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version
3. "Know Who You Are" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version
4. "We Know The Way" - From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Finale
5. "How Far I'll Go" - From "Moana"/Alessia Cara Version
6. "You're Welcome" - From "Moana"/Jordan Fisher/Lin-Manuel Miranda Version