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Van Morrison

What's It Gonna Take? (Limited Edition 2LP)

Van Morrison

Van Morrison returns with his 43rd studio album.

What’s It Gonna Take? features fifteen new Van Morrison compositions that collectively reflect the artist’s indefatigable drive to record and perform live in front of audiences.

Van Morrison is one of music’s true originals - utterly unique and inspirational with a legacy that spans the last seven decades.

1. Dangerous
2. What’s It Gonna Take?
3. Fighting Back Is The New Normal
4. Fodder For The Masses
5. Can’t Go On This Way
6. Sometimes It’s Just Blah Blah Blah
7. Money From America
8. Not Seeking Approval
9. Damage And Recovery
10. Nervous Breakdown
11. Absolutely Positively The Most
12. I Ain’t No Celebrity
13. Stage Name
14. Fear And Self-Loathing In Las Vegas
15. Pretending