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Solitude In Madness (LP)

Vader's formula hasn't changed much over the last 30 years and with good reason. As one of the genre's pioneers, their sound remains an instantly recognisable mashing of battering, mechanised riffs, belt-fed blasts and the swamp roar of mainstay Piotr Wiwczarek.

Speaking about the mindset behind the new record, Wiwczarek seethed, "Humanity never learns from its lessons. I feel tensions continuing to rise around the world. People have forgotten about true pain, from a bigger picture standpoint. Generationally, the new generation doesn’t respect the old, and I’d challenge they don’t even respect themselves. Our everyday lives are on TV, so there’s no soul left. Everything’s empty. I think technology is also sucking the human out of us.”

1. Shock And Awe
2. Into Oblivion
3. Despair
4. Incineration Of The Gods
5. Sanctification Denied
6. And Satan Wept
7. Emptiness
8. Final Declaration
9. Dancing In The Slaughterhouse
10. Stigma Of Divinity
11. Bones