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Nothing In Common But Us (LP)

Nothing In Common But Us is an album that follows a year of sporadic output from the Blue Mountains native. Meticulously releasing a series of singles across the year, fans were introduced to the foundations of a long-awaited follow up to Life Death Time Eternal.

Equal parts fun, mischievous and honing in on an assertive delivery that has become synonymous with his stage presence, the release of "Selling Me Out", "F*ck You Pay Me" and "Trailer Trash" signaled the end of a four year solo hiatus and brought with it a promise: Tuka was nowhere near done yet.

1. How To Fly
2. Nothing Ever Happens In The Burbs (Interlude)
3. January 1st
4. Wish I Knew
5. Trailer Trash
6. Click Bang
7. Fools Rush In

1. Wildness (Interlude)
2. Naked Heart
3. F*ck You Pay Me
4. Haunted
5. Selling Me Out
6. You Dont Know