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Troye Sivan

Something To Give Each Other (LP)

Troye Sivan

Something To Give Each Other is a celebration of sex, dance, sweat, community, queerness, love, and friendship. Emerging from the tribulations of the last few years, Troye Sivan found himself rewiring with the joy of human connection and dance music. Lead single "Rush" is an unapologetic pop anthem - invoking headiness and hedonism, big groups of people embracing the joy of life and sex.

All with something to give each other.

SIDE A 1. Rush (Extended) 2. What’s The Time Where You Are? 3. One Of Your Girls 4. In My Room (ft. Guitarricadelafuente) 5. Still Got It SIDE B 1. Can’t Go Back, Baby 2. Got Me Started 3. Silly 4. Honey 5. How To Stay With You