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Tom Waits

Swordfishtrombones (LP)

Tom Waits

2023 Remaster. Tom's 1983 masterpiece. Already wayward, here Waits rethinks his sound entirely incorporating a rich and unique new sound palette including Harry Partch instruments, lots of percussion, bag pipes, marimba's, harmonium etc topped off with Waits visionary lyrical storytelling approach and incredible vocals.


1. Underground
2. Shore Leave
3. Dave the Butcher
4. Johnsburg Illinois
5. 16 Shells from a 30 6
6. Town with No Cheer
7. In the Neighbourhood

1. Just Another Sucker on the Vine
2. Frank's Wild Years
3. Swordfishtrombone
4. Down Down Down
5. Soldier's Things
6. Gin Soaked Boy
7. Trouble's Braids
8. Rainbirds