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The Phoenix Foundation

Friend Ship (Pink LP)

The Phoenix Foundation have lived many lives. From high school distortion addicts to indie folktrippers to masters of otoric dream pop. Their down time has been spent writing, recording, touring with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, creating the acclaimed soundtrack for Hunt For The Wilder people, building shrines to light, creating scores for VR, producing other bands, baking sourdough.

Slowly, when they could, the six old friends found time to work together in studios, garages, forests, and sheds around New Zealand to put together the concise ten song set of that is Friend Ship. Featuring Nadia Reid, Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins) and Anita Clark (Motte) their 7th album is both a classic collection of Phoenixy songs and a new palette of sounds and characters.

1. Guru
2. Miserable Meal (with the NZSO)
3. Hounds Of Hell (with Nadia Reid)
4. Decision Dollars (with Hollie Fullbrook)
5. Transit Of Venus (with the NZSO)

1. Tranquility (with Hollie Fullbrook)
2. Landline
3. Former Glory (with Anita Clark)
4. My Kitchen Rules
5. Trem Sketch