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The Inspector Cluzo

We The People Of The Soil (2LP)

The Inspector Cluzo

The Inspector Cluzo - a duo comprised of Laurent Lacrouts and Mathieu Jourdain – live a charming double life. Six months on the farm, looking after their geese and ducks, followed by six months on the road.

Taking the roots of their culture as an inspiration, this is, in essence, folk music, but folk music turned up to eleven, powered by roaring guitars and propulsive drumming and in love as much with rock dynamic as storytelling through song.

Exponents of the think local, act global movement, Lou Casse is run along organic principles and aims to regenerate the local community through its produce. When on tour, Laurent and Matthieu connect with local farmers and land campaigners to share experiences and create solidarity.

1. A Man Outstanding In His Field
2. The Sand Preacher
3. Cultural Misunderstanding
4. Ideologies
5. Little Girl And The Whislin' Train
6. We The People Of The Soil
7. No Deal At The Crossroads
8. The Best
9. Pressure On Mada Lands
10. The Globalisation Blues
11. The Brothers In Ideals