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The Halo Effect

Days Of The Lost (LP)

The Halo Effect

2020. The year of the corona-pandemic, when the world was forced into a standstill, five old friends put in motion an old idea that had been lingering - and what eventually was to become a new band: The Halo Effect.

The members of The Halo Effect are masters of their domain, pioneers of the Gothenburg melodeath scene. Lead guitarists and melodic death-slingers Niclas Engelin and Jesper Strömblad, lead singer and lyricist Mikael Stanne, supported by the solid backbone and foundation of bassist Peter Iwers, and his partner in crime for twenty plus years, hard-hitting drummer Daniel Svensson.

Seeing the artistic interpretation of their music through the eyes of incredible artist Adrian Baxter (singles and album covers) was like seeing their creation come to life in multiple dimensions. This album is a work of a team of friends who share the same love for music and have been through Heaven & Hell while living it throughout the years. This is how they do it – without any compromises or overthinking - this is The Halo Effect in all its glory.

1. Shadowminds 2. Days Of The Lost 3. The Needless End 4. Conditional 5. In Broken Trust 6. Gateways 7. A Truth Worth Lying For 8. Feel What I Believe 9. Last Of Our Kind 10. The Most Alone