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Beastie Boys

Solid Gold Hits (2LP)

Beastie Boys

Solid Gold Hits is a greatest hits collection by Beastie Boys, first released in November 2005.

In contrast to 1999's The Sounds of Science anthology, Solid Gold Hits consists only of tracks that were released as singles, with the exception of "Shake Your Rump".


Track List
1. So What'cha Want
2. Brass Monkey
3. Ch-Check It Out
4. No Sleep till Brooklyn
5. Hey Ladies
6. Pass the Mic
7. An Open Letter to NYC
8. Root Down
9. Shake Your Rump
10. Intergalactic
11. Sure Shot
12. Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim remix)
13. Triple Trouble
14. Sabotage
15. Fight for Your Right