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The Answer

Sundowners (Black and White Marble LP)

The Answer

British rock legends, The Answer, return after a seven year absence with their seventh full studio album, Sundowners. Produced by British rock producer Dan Weller (Enter Shikari/Bury Tomorrow), the new album is an exceptional record that is sure to be one of the rock albums of 2023. With more than 300,000 album sales in their catalogue, tours with AC/DC and The Rolling Stones, The Answer comeback will see feverish fan anticipation.

Due to the manufacturing effect on this item, each vinyl is unique and may not be as pictured.

Side A: 1. Sundowners 2. Blood Brother 3. California Rust 4. Want You To Love Me 5. Oh Cherry 6. No Salvation Side B: 1. Cold Heart 2. All Together 3. Livin' On The Line 4. Get Back On It 5. Always Alright