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Stellar Circuits

Sight To Sound (Grey Marble 2LP)

Stellar Circuits

STELLAR CIRCUITS formed in 2015 with the idea of creating progressively-minded music that resonates with the masses.

The name “Stellar Circuits” is derived from the eight-circuit model of consciousness, a theory proposed in the 1970’s about expanding consciousness and understanding the process of our mind as it pertains to existentialism. Although the music revolves heavily around introspection and self-reflection, this is also coupled with the importance of aesthetics and groove. Creating music both intellectual and visceral, STELLAR CIRCUITS is nothing short of a vehicle – transporting the listener to places both chaotic and cathartic.

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

Visceral, intellectual, groovy, technical, and melodious are rarely indicators that can all be used to describe the aural essence of one band. In the case of Stellar Circuits, the rare combination makes a striking and definitive appearance in all they do. Featuring 11 original tracks that are poised to impress even the most discerning of aficionados, Sight to Sound puts the global music landscape on notice that Stellar Circuits has definitively arrived. Stellar Circuits is a new signing for Nuclear Blast, and is managed by Jake Solomon, son of Dream Theater manager Frank Soloman. The band recorded their new album Sight to Sound with producer Jamie King and shot high quality music videos for the first two singles, “Witch House” and “Catch Your Death.”

1. Catch Your Death
2. Witch House
3. Pleasure Cruise

1. Skull Beneath The Smile
2. Sight To Sound
3. Truthseeker

1. Alchemy
2. Nightlife
3. For The Birds
4. Learning To Sleep

1. Where Were You