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Soccer Mommy

Sometimes, Forever (Limited Edition Purple & Black Splatter LP)

Soccer Mommy

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

Soccer Mommy returns with her new full-length album, Sometimes, Forever.

Inspired by the concept that neither sorrow nor happiness is permanent, Sometimes, Forever is a fresh peek into the mind of an artist who synthesises everything — retro sounds, personal tumult, the relatable disorder of modern life — into original music that feels built to last a long time. Maybe even forever.

1. Bones
2. With U
3. Unholy Affliction
4. Shotgun
5. Newdemo
6. Darkness Forever
7. Don’t Ask Me
8. Fire In The Driveway
9. Following Eyes
10. Feel It All The Time
11. Still