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Castle St (LP)


Recorded between Aotearoa and the US and co-produced by award-winning producer Malay, the forthcoming album boasts the powerful new single "Before You Leave."

“We are very excited to share the new music, give over the single and get everyone ready for a new album. This isn't the kind of music you can make by yourself in your bedroom. It won't just be our instruments you hear on the upcoming music, but all our vocal harmonies and BVs were done by the band as a whole. It really lets you feel the breadth and spirit of SIX60.” - Matiu Walters

1. Tahi
2. Before You Leave
3. Hang On
4. Nobody Knows
5. Say It Now
6. Good Wine
7. Far Away So Close
8. Throw It Away
9. Never Been Tonight
10. It Isn't Over