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Seth Sentry

The Waiter Minute EP (Exclusive Sunny Side Up LP)

Seth Sentry

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ARIA Award Winning Hip-Hop Artist Seth Sentry’s The Waiter Minute EP is turning 15 years old.

It was the debut mixtape that featured Seth’s breakout single "The Waitress Song". It came the most downloaded song of all time on triple j’s unearthed platform.

His EP has now flexed over 30M Global Streams, ARIA Platinum Record and today the iconic Aussie Hip Hop rapper releases 3 new iterations of the record to celebrate 15 years since release.

Taking the micky out of The Waiter Minute EP title – Seth drops a Sunny Side Up edition, the Café Latte edition, and the vinyl of all vinyl – the Glow In The Dark edition.

But be quick, there is only a limited amount.

1.Simple Game
2. The Waitress Song
3. Warm Winter

4. Train Catcher
5. Strange Lot