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Set It Off

Elsewhere (Clear 2LP)

Set It Off

Set It Off has never been your standard emo band. Or pop group. Or pop-punk band. They are all of those things and more.

Just listen to the lead singles from the new album Elsewhere - moody, melodious pop-rock with fast rapping tearing up the break. The album is about embracing who you are unapologetically and without filters.

1. Skeleton
2. Projector
3. Cut Off
4. Loose Cannon
5. Why Do I
6. As Good As It Gets
7. Who’s In Control
8. Taste Of The Good Life
9. Why Not Me
10. Dangerous
11. Cordial
12. The Magic 8
13. Playing With Bad Luck
14. Peekaboo
15. Catch A Break
16. Better Than This