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Vera Blue

Perennial (Limited Edition Orange LP)

Following the release of singles "Private" and "Mended" the record introduces a fully-formed Vera Blue, seamlessly synthesising her folk past with a bold, electronic pop future. An intensely personal record, it traces the often-circular pathways between love and loss across its 12 tracks.

"Perennial is a term for plants that come back year after year, and I like to relate that to memory, feelings and emotions," says Vera Blue. "It’s what the record is all about; relationships can be very cyclical, or never-ending, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just part of life."

The album is arranged into three chapters, which chronologically trace the development of Vera Blue; from her very first week writing, raw after the breakdown of a relationship, towards a place of renewed strength and vivacity.

Album tracks "Lady Powers," "Regular Touch" and "Magazine" also bring out unabashed dance elements in Vera Blue’s songwriting.

But despite its new sonic elements, the album is underpinned by the classic songwriting that has defined Vera Blue’s musical growth. Each song started its life organically, created on either piano or acoustic guitar, as evidenced on "We Used To" and stunning album closer, "Mended."

1. First Week
2. Give In
3. Regular Touch
4. We Used To
5. Said Goodbye To Your Mother
6. Private

1. Lady Powers
2. Magazine
3. Fools
4. Overachiever
5. Pedestal/Cover Me
6. Mended