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Paul Kelly

Songs From The South: Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits 1985-2019 (2LP)

Paul Kelly

Australia’s greatest and most enduring songwriter, Paul Kelly, brings fans Songs From The South 1985-2019, a collection of songs that spans the depth and breadth of his illustrious career including recent studio album releases, Life Is Fine and Nature. The 2CD also features a brand new track "When We're Both Mad & Old" with Kasey Chambers.

The tracklisting showcases some of this country’s most revered songs – "Before Too Long," "Darling It Hurts," "Leaps And Bounds," "To Her Door," "Dumb Things," "From Little Things Big Things Grow" and the Christmas classic "How To Make Gravy," alongside recent gems such as "Firewood & Candles," "Rising Moon," "With The One I Love" & "Every Day My Mother’s Voice."

    SIDE A

    1. From St. Kilda To Kings Cross
    2. Before Too Long
    3. Leaps And Bounds
    4. Darling It Hurts
    5. Look So Fine Feel So Low
    6. To Her Door
    7. Dumb Things

    SIDE B

    1. Careless
    2. Sweet Guy
    3. Everything's Turning To White
    4. From Little Things Big Things Grow
    5. Winter Coat
    6. Love Never Runs On Time

    SIDE C 

    1. Song From The Sixteenth Floor
    2. Deeper Water
    3. How To Make Gravy
    4. If I Could Start Today Again
    5. The Oldest Story In The Book
    6. They Thought I Was Asleep

    SIDE D

    1. Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air
    2. God Told Me To
    3. I'm On Your Side
    4. Rising Moon
    5. Firewood And Candles
    6. With The One I Love
    7. Every Day My Mother's Voice (with Dan Sultan)