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Owen Pallett

He Poos Clouds (LP)

Owen Pallett

Domino is pleased to release a remastered reissue of Owen Pallett’s early catalogue.

Pallett has built a reputation on live virtuosity, as violinist for the many local Toronto bands, followed by the wild looped-violin songwriting solo project. Has a Good Home serves as an introduction (and features many of Pallett’s best-known songs), and the follow-up He Poos Clouds is a string quartet album based on the Dungeons & Dragons School of Magic, and was awarded the inaugural Polaris Music Prize.

SIDE A 1. The Arctic Circle 2. He Poos Clouds 3. This Lamb Sells Condos 4. If I Were A Carp 5. ---> SIDE B 1. I'm Afraid Of Japan 2. Song Song Song 3. Many Lives ---> 49 MP 4. Do You Love? 5. The Pooka Sings