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Owen Pallett

Has A Good Home (LP)

Owen Pallett

Domino is pleased to release a remastered reissue of Owen Pallett’s early catalogue.

Pallett has built a reputation on live virtuosity, as violinist for the many local Toronto bands, followed by the wild looped-violin songwriting solo project. Has a Good Home serves as an introduction (and features many of Pallett’s best-known songs), and the follow-up He Poos Clouds is a string quartet album based on the Dungeons & Dragons School of Magic, and was awarded the inaugural Polaris Music Prize.

SIDE A 1. None Of You Will Ever See A Penny 2. This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine 3. Your Light Is Spent 4. Furniture 5. The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead 6. Took You Two Years To Win My Heart 7. The Chronicles Of Sarnia 8. ---> 9. Adventure.exe SIDE B 1. Library 2. That's When The Audience Died 3. Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut, Owen Pallett 4. An Arrow In The Side Of Final Fantasy 5. Please Please Please 6. Better Than Worse 7. The Sea