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Noah Dillon

Kill The Dove (Transparent Pink LP)

Noah Dillon

Fremantle/Walyalup singer-songwriter Noah Dillon announces his debut album, Kill The Dove.

Noah Dillon's electric live presence and ability to write songs that poignantly capture the human condition and spirit has earned him a wide range of praise in Australia and beyond. In 2021 he signed with Dew Process, earned consistent national radio play for singles "That’s Just How I Feel" and "Alive And Kicking," and ticked off a bucket list item, performing triple j’s Like A Version.

Across the 12 songs on Kill The Dove (produced by Andy Lawson - Little Birdy, End Of Fashion, Eskimo Joe) Dillon shows his capability to express a broad spectrum of sounds and shades.

1. Drip Dry
2. Nothing Matters
3. Drifting Apart
4. Broken But It’s Working (feat: Illuminati Hotties)
5. Comfort Is Not The Reason (kill the dove)
6. Who You Used To Be
7. I C.A.N.T.
8. Love Me As I Am
9. Hold Me In Your Arms
10. I Won’t Blame You
11. All My Love Has Gone Away
12. Don’t Go Away