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Nicolas Godin

Concrete And Glass (LP)

Nicolas Godin released his second solo album, Concrete And Glass in January 2020. It follows 2015’s critically acclaimed Contrepoint which Uncut Magazine described as “a wonderous solo offering”.

The new album features guest artists including American psych-soul singer Kadhja Bonet, the Australian Kirin J Callinan, Cola Boyy and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor amongst others with each guest adding a personal touch to Godin’s original music. 

1. Concrete And Glass
2. Back To Your Heart (feat. Kate NV)
3. We Forgot To Love (feat. Kadhja Bonet)
4. What Makes Me Think About You
5. Time On My Hands (feat. Kirin J Callinan)

1. The Foundation (feat. Cola Boyy)
2. Catch Yourself Falling (feat. Alexis Taylor)
3. The Border
4. Turn Right, Turn Left
5. Cité Radieuse