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Municipal Waste

Electrified Brain (LP)

Municipal Waste

Electrified Brain marks MUNICIPAL WASTE's first album in 5 years, following the release of their critically exalted 2017 record Slime and Punishment. Recorded in Philadelphia with producer Arthur Rizk, Electrified Brain is a high-voltage non-stop masterclass of neck-snapping thrash that'd be the ideal soundtrack for high-speed car chases and backyard steel cage matches as witnessed on the new track "Grave Dive".

1. Electrified Brain (Death Ripper Part III)
2. Demoralizer
3. Last Crawl
4. Grave Dive
5. The Bite
6. High Speed Steel
7. Thermonuclear Protection

1. Blood Vessel-Boat Jail
2. Crank the Heat
3. Restless and Wicked
4. Ten Cent Beer Night
5. Barreled Rage
6. Putting on Errors
7. Paranormal Janitor