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No Good Left To Give (Purple LP)

No Good Left To Give gave fans their first taste of the follow up to their iconic debut full-length record Feel Something.

Released in 2017, Feel Something—which gave us the songs "Daylily", "Submerge", "Deadly Dull" and more—marked a stellar debut for the Fearless Records act. But speaking about their sophomore release No Good Left To Give, Miranda says that "at its core, the new record is what we've always been, which is emotional, real, and honest music."

"We all know each other very well and understand our respective styles," he adds. "We're discussing mental health, struggles with relationships, and relatable things from our lives. At the same time, it's a little darker." Bassist Austin Cressney adds, "The mood is a little heavier, for sure… We didn't try to emulate anyone. It's very pure."


1. In My Blood
2. Skin To Skin
3. Don't Give Up Your Ghost
4. Tunnel Vision
5. Garden Eyes
6. 12 Weeks
7. Living Apology
8. Santiago Peak
9. Seneca
10. Moonlight Lines
11. No Good Left To Give
12. Love Took The Last Of It