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Mo’Ju fourth studio album, Oro, Plata, Mata.

The album explores a myriad of themes and experiences anchored by a direct homage to Mo’Ju’s late Tito (uncle) Peque Gallaga, the album’s title references Oro, Plata, Mata, a 1982 historical war drama Gallaga directed.

Whilst the overarching narrative is different, the album is similar to the film in the way it follows a three chapter structure; each chapter containing three songs that revolve around a central theme. Both the album and the film share the name of, and reference, a Filipino architectural superstition of the number three.

1. Oro 2. Gold 3. Money 4. Midas (Ft. Ryo & Waari) 5. Plata 6. Something To Believe In (Ft. Ngaiire) 7. Bran Nue Wurld 8. Change Has To Come 9. Mata 10. The Future 11. World Would End 12. Swan Song (Ft. Meklit)