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Michael Kamen

The Iron Giant (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Deluxe 2LP)

Michael Kamen

The Iron Giant (1999) is a modern classic, an animated film about a young boy who befriends a giant alien robot during the Sputnik era of the Cold War.

Creating the Iron Giant's beautiful, sympathetic score was Michael Kamen—one of his last major scores and his first animated film. Kamen's gorgeous score is full of melody, humor and sensitivity, grandly performed by the Czech Philharmonic.

The 2-LP package taps directly into the ethos of the film, with a pull tab opening the Giant's die-cut eyes on the front jacket. Depending on which inner sleeve has been slotted in the first position directly behind the cover, the reveal is different. Open the eyes in normal or defense mode!

1. The Eye Of The Storm
2. Hogarth Hughes
3. Creepy Music / Hogarth Investigates
4. Into The Forest
5. The Giant Wakes
6. Hogarth In Car / Sting For FBI Man: Suite
7. Come And Get It
8. Shut Off Switch / Rock Tree: Suite
9. Cat And Mouse
10. Train Wreck
11. Magic Rebuild / Hand Underfoot: Suite
12. Chew Your Food

1. Amerika
2. Great Ride
3. We Gotta Hide
4. His Name Is Dean
5. He Can Stay
6. Eating Art
7. Space Car
8. Souls Don't Die
9. Contest Of Wills
10. The Army Arrives
11. Annie And Dean
12. I'm Superman

1. He's A Weapon
2. Giant Discovered
3. Trance Former
4. No Following
5. The Last Giant Piece
6. End Credits: Suite
7. Bedtime Stories

1. Wild Tam-Tam
2. Chew Your Food Pickup
3. Duck And Cover
4. Early Demo #1
5. Early Demo #2
6. Souls Don't Die