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Melody Moko

Suburban Dream (Blue LP)

Melody Moko

Melody Moko is changing the face of country music as we know it with the release of her stunning new album Suburban Dream. Melding contemporary and edgy lyrical content with finely finessed Americana production, Suburban Dream is like no other release, and further cements the Golden Guitar Award winning artist, as an unrivalled innovator of the craft.

As a whole, Suburban Dream, is an exploration of life as a wife in suburbia with Melody putting her life under a microscope, magnifying the struggles and joys she’s experienced over the past two years. If there’s one thing we all know and love about Melody Moko it’s her no-holds-barred honesty and guts to frame it exactly how it is.

1. Jesus Year 2. The Outskirts 3. Not A Child 4. Last Good Man 5. Suburban Dream 6. Child Of Mine 7. Ain't What You Used To Be 8. 'Till The Day I Die 9. Every Second Year 10. Sweet Magnolia 11. Great Australian Dream