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Max Richter

The Blue Notebooks (2LP)

The Blue Notebooks was Max Richter's second solo album, a distinctive and adventurous work that is beautifully recorded and cinematic in scope. Opening with a text from Franz Kafka, read by Tilda Swinton, over a sparse piano melody, the album moves through the heart-wrenching ‘On The Nature Of Daylight’ to sparse but lyrical piano pieces, hazy swirling atmospherics, avalanche pulse-beats and partially occluded melodies.


1. The Blue Notebooks
2. On The Nature Of Daylight
3. Horizon Variations
4. Shadow Journal
5. Iconography
6. Vladimir's Blues
7. Arboretum
8. Old Song
9. Organum
10. The Trees
11. Written On The Sky

Bonus Tracks & Remixes

1. A Catalogue Of Afternoons
2. On The Nature Of Daylight (Orchestral)
3. Vladimir's Blues 2018
4. On The Nature Of Daylight (Entropy)
5. Vladimir's Blues (Jlin Remix)
6. Iconography (Knox-Om-Pax Remix)