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Masters Apprentices

Choice Cuts (LP)

Masters Apprentices

2021 marks the 50th Anniversary of Choice Cuts, the third album by The Masters Apprentices. Recorded in Europe in 1970, the album features the single "Because I Love You" and artwork by Hipgnosis. To mark the anniversary, the band are releasing the first repress of their classic album on vinyl in Australia since 1988.

1. "Rio De Camero" 4:02
2. "Michael" (Doug Ford) 3:07
3. "Easy To Lie" 3:58
4. "Because I Love You" 4:30
5. "Catty" (Doug Ford) 2:34

1. "Our Friend Owsley Stanley 3" 2:43
2. "Death Of A King" (Doug Ford) 2:35
3. "Song For A Lost Gypsy" 2:03
4. "I'm Your Satisfier" 2:15
5. "Song For Joey - Part 2" (Colin Burgess, Doug Ford, Glenn Wheatley, Jim Keays)