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Martin Frawley

The Wannabe (LP)

Martin Frawley

Like most of us, Martin Frawley is busy trying to work himself out. He lives alongside the long shadow of his late dad, musician and songwriter Maurice Frawley, a cultural icon of the Australian underground and collaborator of Paul Kelly, Tex Perkins and Mick Thomas. 

Most of Martin’s 20s were spent writing and playing songs in locally beloved Melbourne band Twerps – a collection of pals who were on the forefront of the city’s jangle pop renaissance. A few albums, US tours and band rotations under its belt, Twerps split up in 2018 and Martin turned his compass towards a solo project. His first album, Undone at 31 (2019), was a bit of a reckoning; a wild ride through the wreckage of both a band and long term romantic break up.

His new album The Wannabe is a personal, cheeky and, at times, self-deprecating collection of songs unpacking the reality of finding his way as an adult without his dad around, and ultimately falling back in love with life, music and someone new.

1. This Is Gonna Change Your Mind 2. The Wannabe 3. True Blue 4. Lola 5. Heart in Hand 6. Proud 7. Assumptions 8. Slip Away 9. I Wish Everyone Would Love Me 10. Given Everything