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Marcus Mumford

self titled (Exclusive Red 1LP + 7'')

Marcus Mumford

Limited Edition Collectors Package, Includes: 12’’ Opaque Red Vinyl + 7’’ Black vinyl feat. 2 Exclusive Tracks – "Cannibal (Demo)" & "Prior Warning (Demo)".

The debut album from Marcus Mumford, frontman of Multi-Platinum, Grammy, & Brit Award winning band Mumford & Sons.

The album features collaborations with Clairo, Phoebe Bridges, Brandi Carlile, & Monica Martin. Includes the lead tracks; "Cannibal", "Grace," & "Better Off High".

1. Cannibal
2. Grace
3. Prior Warning
4. Better Off High
5. Only Child
6. Dangerous Game (ft. Clairo)
7. Better Angels
8. Go In Light (ft. Monica Martin)
9. Stonecatcher (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)
10. How (ft. Brandi Carlile)

7" Vinyl Tracklist
11. Cannibal (Demo)
12. Prior Warning (Demo)