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Marco Beltrami

Scream (Limited Collectors Edition Red Marble 4LP)

Marco Beltrami

In 1996, Scream ushered in a new generation of slasher flicks—mixing self-awareness and satire with chills, gore, and plenty of plot twists. Underscoring the action for the first four Scream films is an engaging score by Mario Beltrami.

This 4LP set includes 1LP for each film with previously unreleased material, housed in a unique Collector’s Edition packaging. The 4 full-colour, heavy 12pt inner sleeves are housed in the centre of what appears to be a normal square 12x12 jacket. But open it up and Holy Moly! It’s a Scream mask bigger than a small child!

LP 1
1. Dimension Logo
2. The Cue from Hell
3. Trouble in Woodsboro
4. Red Herring
5. Chasing Sidney
6. Backdoor Gale
7. Schoolyard 2
8. Bathroom
9. Sheriff and Dewey
10. Tatum's Torture
11. Sidney Wants It
12. Killer Stabs Billy
13. They're Crazy
14. End Credits

LP 2
1. Opening
2. Maureen Steals the Show
3. Your Lucky Day
4. Sid and Randy Talk
5. Introducing Gale Again
6. Sid and Dewey Talk
7. Dewey's Theme
8. Cici's Home
9. Derek at Hospital
10. Murder in the Van
11. Joel Quits
12. Dewey and Gale Attacked
13. Sid Says Goodbye
14. Showdown
15. The Big Showdown
16. Scream 2 Theme

LP 3
1. Here We Go Again
2. Cotton Car
3. Home on the Range
4. Sunset Pictures
5. Sidney's Nightmare
6. Candy Ain't So Sweet
7. Gale Spies on Dewey
8. Comparing Photos
9. On the Set
10. Home Sweet Home
11. Killer in the Closet
12. Mother's Room
13. The Fall Girl
14. At the Station
15. Dewey Mobile
16. Ghostface Attacks
17. Ghostface vs. Jennifer
18. Sidney's Call
19. Boom Boom out Go Lights
20. Sid Wears a Dress
21. Sid's Theme

LP 4
1. You're Not Real
2. Cheating on My Diet / Woodsboro 2010
3. When You Let Someone Go
4. Which Closet?
5. You Are the Message
6. Everything's Under Control
7. I Know How You Feel
8. I Got It, Right
9. Your Ingenue Days Are over
10. The After-after Party
11. Touch and Go
12. Don't Spoil It
13. Don't Fuck with the Original