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Microscopic Wars (Oxblood LP)


2022 Vinyl Reissue!

Just when you think you have captured Kingswood’s sound between your sonic fingertips, it’s gone – twisting, changing shape and surprising you once more. Their debut album Microscopic Wars is cinematic in scope – from the finer details of percussion to the sweeping storytelling in its lyricism. The recording of their debut album saw the band jet off to Nashville, TN, to Blackbird Studio where it was cut to tape amidst the warmth of analogue and whisky.

1. All Too Much
2. Suckerpunch
4. Micro Wars
5. So Long
6. Ohio
7. Hours
8. Side To Side
9. Tremor
10. Eye Of The Storm
11. She's My Baby
12. Piece By Piece
13. Chronos