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James Yorkston, The Athletes

Moving Up Country (LP)

James Yorkston, The Athletes

James Yorkston was the first member of the Fence Collective to emerge from the creative oddity that is the East Neuk of Fife. His first solo show was supporting Bert Jansch, his first tour was supporting John Martyn. After those heady heights he went on to sign to Domino and record his debut album in a damp soaked cottage in the Scottish Borders. Domino subsequently released this record, Moving Up Country, which went on to become Rough Trade’s Album of The Year 2002.

1. In Your Hands
2. St. Patrick
3. Sweet Jesus
4. Tender To The Blues
5. Moving Up Country

1. I Spy Dogs
2. 6:30 Is Just Way Too Early
3. The Patience Song
4. I Know My Love
5. Cheating The Game