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I Dont Know How But They Found Me

Razzmatazz (LP)

I Dont Know How But They Found Me, or IDKHOW, is the new project led by frontman, multi-instrumentalist, and mastermind Dallon Weekes, who has previously made waves in Panic! At the Disco from 2009-2018. Dallon wrote what would become Razzmatazz out of his own studio in Salt Lake City, UT. Working with producer Tim Pagnotta, he fine-tuned and finalized the vision in early 2020.

1. Leave Me Alone
2. Indoctrination
3. Mad IQs
4. Nobody Likes The Opening Band
5. New Invention
6. From The Gallows
7. Clusterhug
8. Sugar Pills
9. Kiss Goodnight
10. Lights Go Down
11. Need You Here
12. Door
13. Tomorrow People
14. Razzmatazz