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The Final Chapter (Transparent Blue 2LP)

HYPOCRISY and Nuclear Blast Records start chapter two of a massive catalogue campaign bringing back all their legendary past records, some of which are much sought-after rarities.

“Chapter Two” covers the albums The Final Chapter (1997), Hypocrisy (1999), and Into The Abyss (2000). Considered milestones in HYPOCRISY’s career, Peter Tägtgren, Mikael Hedlund, and Lars Szöke reached a new level of songwriting quality and emphasized dynamics during this period. They created additional layers of atmosphere and at times used clean vocals resulting in hauntingly beautiful yet heavy and aggressive melodic death metal hymns. Now, these stunning albums return in classy vinyl and CD editions whereas Tägtgren’s remaster of Into The Abyss will also be released digitally.

The 2023 reissues preserve true classics in an astonishing fashion that have been unavailable especially on LP for far too long or have never been released as standalone vinyl (Into the Abyss). Get ready to revisit one of the most consistent and fascinating discographies in extreme metal!

1. Inseminated Adoption
2. A Coming Race
3. Dominion

1. Inquire Within
2. Last Vanguard
3. Request Denied

4. Through the Window of Time
5. Shamateur
6. Adjusting the Sun

1. Lies
2. Evil Invaders
3. The Final Chapter