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Horace Silver

Further Explorations (LP)

Horace Silver

Further Explorations documents hard-bop pioneer Horace Silver’s quintet featuring Art Farmer on trumpet, Clifford Jordan on tenor saxophone, Teddy Kotick on bass, and Louis Hayes on drums.


One can always expect a Horace Silver date to groove, but this session from January 1958 is particularly inspired, with the pianist penning all but one of the compositions.

“The Outlaw” is one of Silver’s most irrepressible creations with brilliant solos from Jordan, Farmer, and Silver. “Moon Rays” is what Silver referred to as a “walking ballad” that gives the band plenty of room to stretch out.

Blue Note Tone Poet Series

1. The Outlaw
2. Melancholy Mood
3. Pyramid

1. Moon Rays
2. Safari
3. Ill Wind