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Hoodoo Gurus

Stoneage Romeos (40th Anniversary Edition Picture Disc 2LP + Orange 7")

Hoodoo Gurus

- Original Album (12")
- 1984: Live At The Chevron (12")
- Hayride To Hell (7")
- Poster (A2)
- Postcard

Originally unleashed in March 1984, this influential debut showcased the band's unique style and set the stage for a legendary career.

Boasting singles "Leilani", "Tojo", "I Want You Back and My Girl", Stoneage Romeos remains a classic, capturing the rebellious spirit of the scene at the time.

This 40th anniversary edition, pays homage to the band’s formative years and expands on the original album. A hand-numbered, 2LP limited edition release, it includes the original album plus a live performance from 1984 that was never released on vinyl, as well as an additional 7", poster, and postcard.

Original Album (12”)
Serving as a standalone statement, the original album cover embodied the band's irreverent spirit. To mark its 40th anniversary, the band have released it as a picture disc, adding a collectible dimension for devoted fans.

1984: Live At The Chevron (12”)
The band’s 1984 performance at the Chevron Hotel in Sydney marked a pivotal moment in their early career. Originally recorded and broadcast by the ABC, this iconic concert is released for the first time, with reimagined art as a Zoetrope vinyl. Turning the turntable into a mesmerizing portal where the prehistoric characters come to life. Collectors, take note: this concert recording will not be made available on any streaming platforms!

Hayride To Hell (7”)
Originally left off Stoneage Romeos to prevent the potential discord of adding a straight country track, Hayride To Hell has an intriguing history. The accompanying Part 2 was recorded during a London radio session for John Peel's show. Significantly, the single cover displays an illustration by Reg Mombassa, marking the debut of his distinctive artwork on the band's record sleeves.

Poster (A2)
Featuring a striking Sandy Edwards image complemented by Debbie Baer’s hand-drawn elements, this poster is a vivid depiction of Sydney's creative energy in the early eighties. On the reverse, Australian music journalist Toby Creswell explores the band’s origin and their whirlwind rise from a NYE party to the creation of their debut album, Stoneage Romeos. Complemented by some early Tom Takacs photos of the band.

Frontman Dave Faulkner crafted this mini-poster for a double bill the band played with The Scientists. Crafted using a photocopier, the budget-friendly option at the time! The artwork features an anatomical Dalek image sourced from an old Doctor Who Annual discovered in an op shop. A Dr. Who fan, Dave was intrigued by the unexpected details revealed in the Dalek's cross-section.

Stoneage Romeos SIDE A 1. (Let's All) Turn On 2. I Want You Back 3. Arthur 4. Death Ship 5. Dig It Up 6. My Girl SIDE B 1. Zanzibar 2. Leilani 3. Tojo 4. In The Echo Chamber 5. I Was A Kamikaze Pilot 1984: Live At The Chevron SIDE A 1. I Want You Back 2. Death Ship 3. Because You’re Mine 4. Arthur 5. Tomorrow That Was Yesterday 6. In The Echo Chamber 7. My Girl SIDE B 1. Zanzibar 2. Tojo Never Made It To Darwin 3. I Want You 4. Hayride To Hell 5. Leilani 6. Leilani II 7. I Was A Kamikaze Pilot Hayride To Hell 7” 1. Hayride To Hell 2. Hayride To Hell Pt. 2 (The Showdown)