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Holding Absence

Holding Absence (Clear Splatter LP)

Despite being in existence a mere six months, Cardiff, UK rock band Holding Absence has already achieved more than many do in years, and now their unique blend of emotive post-hardcore has gained the attention of SharpTone Records (Miss May I, We Came As Romans, Don Broco, etc) who have officially signed the band to the label.

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

Frontman Lucas Woodland introduces the band: "We speak about who we are, who we want to be, and what we stand for. We speak about those things in great depth very often, and it's refreshing to know that there's not much of a limit to what we can do, and what we WANT to do. As music fans, we love listening to everything from Radiohead, to Thy Art Is Murder – so there's a large rage of inspiration there – But I believe the real goal for us is to always write something sincere and honest, that will hopefully make people feel something. The day we stop writing true music, regardless of genre, is the day Holding Absence dies. We're so fortunate to have found a label that believes in us as people, as well as musicians, and we're very excited to do them proud and make something beautiful for them."

1. Perish 2. Your Love (Has Ruined My Life) 3. Like A Shadow 4. You Are Everything 5. Marigold 6. To Fall Asleep 7. Monochrome 8. A Godsend 9. Last Of The Evening Light 10. Purge 11. Wilt