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Henry Wagons

South Of Everywhere (LP)

Henry Wagons

For Henry Wagons' third solo album, South of Everywhere sees legendary cosmic country astronaut Wagons crash-land firmly back on Earth and get gritty, firmly intertwining with his Australian country-music roots once again.

Inspired by the outlaw country greats, you can expect a record jam-packed with twisted tales of the people and places Henry has met on the road in Australia, as well as uniquely candid and direct revelations about himself too, all with an undeniable foot stompin’, retro-country swing that is bound to see the dance-hall heave. 

SIDE A 1. (Don't Be) Down And Out 2. I Don't Know When It Is Im Gonna Die 3. Cover My Eyes 4. Felix Granger The Finger Pickin Boy 5. Everything Is Broken 6. Don't Give Up (Just Yet) SIDE B 1. I Walk The Same Way To Work 2. I Cooked You A Meal 3. Just Another Day On The Run 4. Bedroom Window 5. It's Time To Go Joe