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Hayley Marsten

Girlhood (LP)

Hayley Marsten

“For me, Girlhood is the album I wanted and needed to hear when I was younger,” Brisbane-based, alt-country singer-songwriter Hayley Marsten says of her eagerly anticipated second album. “Everything from the songs down to the way the album looks was really inspired by who I so badly wanted to be when I was a teenager and I’m really proud of what I made for that younger self."

Hayley’s “very autobiographical” Girlhood album most closely represents where she’s at right now, both as an artist and a person: sometimes sassy, always heartfelt. And something tells us Baby Hayley would wholeheartedly approve of Girlhood, which is, unquestionably, her adult counterpart’s most honest and accomplished set of songs to date.

1. Getting Better
2. Drowning Myself
3. Teen Movie
4. I Am A Rich Man
5. Bittersweet At Best
6. Feel It All

1. I Knew The Pain
2. Good Writer
3. My Body Was Not My Own
4. Girlhood
5. I'm Fine, Thanks
6. Last Transmission (Live)