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Hayden Thorpe

Moondust For My Diamond (LP)

Hayden Thorpe

Domino are proud to present Moondust For My Diamond, the exquisite new album from Hayden Thorpe, released in October 2021. The album follows Hayden's debut Diviner from 2019 and the Aerial Songs EP from last year.

In contrast to Diviner, a record that very much favoured the inner world, Moondust… moves into a more natural visual and sonic palette, gazing outward on the world.

Hayden lets new energies in, forging vivid new connections, exploring the meeting point between science and religion and the grand struggle for reality that shapes so much of our time. The music comes as the by-product of a coping mechanism, exploring the worlds of digital mysticism and the need to melt down reality and recast it when so much feels so unreal.

Thorpe has made an album that is galvanising, reassuring, elegant, seductive: it oozes Big Cosmic Energy.

Moondust For My Diamond is produced by Richard Formby and Nathan Jenkins (Bullion) and mastered by Heba Kadry.

1. Material World
2. The Universe Is Always Right
3. No Such Thing
4. Parallel Kingdom
5. Golden Ratio
6. Metafeeling
7. Supersensual
8. Hotel November Tango
9. Rational Heartache
10. Spherical Time II
11. Suspended Animation
12. Runaway World