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Gregory Porter

Still Rising (LP)

Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter's new release, Still Rising, is an exquisite collection of musical delights. The album contains brand new tracks, new arrangements and covers of Sting and Moby.


Of the collection, Porter says: "This is my music up until now, but it's not a 'Greatest Hits'. They often come at the end of someone's career, and I still feel new and young in mine. I have much more to say. There is always something in an artist's career that people don't know about; I wanted to bring it to their attention. The album title echoes my last one, ALL RISE, because I am reiterating something evident in my music and the new songs here - this upward-looking optimism about life and love. It's an unfinished story for me, both musically and personally. And I'm still learning how to do this. Still rising."

1. I Will
2. Real Good Hands (New arrangement)
3. My Babe

4. It's Probably Me (Sting cover)

1. No Love Dying (New arrangement)
2. Bad Girl Love
3. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Moby cover)