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Go Ahead And Die

Unhealthy Mechanisms (White and Black Splatter LP)

Go Ahead And Die

Metal legend Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Killer Be Killed, ex-Sepultura) and his multi-talented son Igor return with the second album that will cause some serious riots within the pits and living rooms of the scene. Their crust/death/thrash sound is the soundtrack for the rebellious youth of today's dangerous, chaotic and messed-up environment.​

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

1. Desert Carnage
2. Split Scalp
3. Tumors
4. Drug-O-Cop
5. No Easy Way Out

1. M.D.A. (Most Dangerous Animal)
2. Chasm
3. Cyber Slavery
4. Blast Zone
5. Unhealthy Mechanisms