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Glass Animals

I Love You So F***king Much (LP) + Signed Art Card + Digital Album

Glass Animals

I Love You So F***king Much is the fourth studio album from human musical group sensations Glass Animals, released on Polydor Records on 19 July.

p.s. Artwork by the legendary Lydia Roberts
p.p.s. layout design by Stijn Van Hapert

Digital album will be delivered via email on 19 July, 2024.
Please note: Digital downloads will only be available to Australian customers. Digital downloads are delivered as MP3 44.1KHZ/24-bit audio files.

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1. Show Pony 2. whatthehellishappening? 3. Creatures in Heaven 4. Wonderful Nothing 5. A Tear in Space (Airlock) 6. I Can't Make You Fall in Love Again 7. How I Learned To Love The Bomb 8. White Roses 9. On the Run 10. Lost in the Ocean